Boca Raton spa begins allowing customers to pay using Bitcoin

BOCA RATON, Fla. — Cryptocurrency is making headlines this week after Tesla announced they will start accepting Bitcoin payments.

The digital currency, invented in 2008, offers people another way to pay or invest money.

A Boca Raton business spa business is now joining the cryptocurrency trend.

The owner of Peace Love Med Aesthetic Rejuvenation said they want to be ahead of the times, so as of Monday they have started accepting cryptocurrency

Owner Ilana Brit Mechoullam started the med spa in 2017.

Among the services her business offers include non-surgical nose jobs, lip injections and facials.

Now, her clients can pay using more than just cash or credit.

She said the idea started when clients started asking about it, and they feel it’s just another way to keep up with technology.

“I think it is becoming more mainstream and by accepting it as a medical spa we are only validating that,” Mechoullam said.

Cryptocurrency made headlines last year when NFL player Russell Okung asked to have half of his salary be paid in Bitcoin.

Also, Tesla announced this week they will start accepting digital currency.

Mechoullam said with more corporate companies joining the crypto world, it was the right time to start.

“We are hoping to be the catalyst to making it more mainstream,” Mechoullam said.

As of Tuesday, one Bitcoin is valued at $47,106.