CoinLinked Helps Holiday e-Shoppers Conserve Much-Needed Cash During COVID-19 Lockdowns | State

IRVINE, Calif., Dec. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The innovative minds behind the CoinLinked global crypto-commerce platform are making spirits bright this holiday season by helping shoppers maintain their critical cash flow by spending their digital assets instead. With the return of COVID-19 lockdowns affecting so many people’s ability to work, the CoinLinked team understands that keeping cash on hand for groceries, personal protective equipment, and other daily necessities is a must, and that this is where digital currencies can shine.

With that in mind, the CoinLinked network’s crypto-commerce feature is enabling buyers to conveniently shop from the comfort of home for everything from their favorite leather jacket, boots, or bedding at Macy’s, to a new laptop or EarPods on Amazon. With just a few exceptions, digital asset holders can easily buy whatever they need from any retailer anywhere in the world, paying with their favorite crypto, and having their purchase drop-shipped directly to their front door. What could be simpler?

Through the end of the year — with the possibility of an extension into 2021 — CoinLinked is offering online shoppers a trouble-free way to enjoy the holidays by making their crypto-based shopping experience a simpler, more convenient one. In addition to accepting USD/fiat for purchases and offering fast, easy “1-2-3 dropshipping,” CoinLinked allows shoppers to use most cryptocurrencies to complete their transactions. Along with the more common Bitcoin and Ethereum, cryptos such as Altcoins, tokens/dApps, stablecoins, and DeFi tokens are all acceptable forms of payment.

According to CoinLinked founder Jenny Q. Ta, “Our goal has always been to help facilitate broader access to essential goods and services for crypto holders everywhere, simplifying the process of using their digital assets and playing a key role in moving blockchain-based e-commerce into the mainstream.” As Ta sees it, the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns have created conditions that place the company in a unique position to pitch in and help those who may have fewer financial options right now.


Orders: For the current promotion, purchases are limited to the CoinLinked platform’s “a la carte” ordering option, as the network’s usual $199 membership feature is not active with this promotion.

Refunds: Since this promotion is being offered during the year’s peak shopping season, no refunds will be provided for products paid for in cryptocurrency. Items purchased with fiat currency are not subject to this limitation.

Fees: Transaction fees may range from 15-30% of the purchase order total, depending on the item purchased, the buyer’s location, and the cryptocurrency used.

Referrals: The company is also offering its CoinLinked referral program which shoppers can inquire about to learn how they can qualify to receive free Bitcoin or cash when their friends shop through the CoinLinked platform. Referral rewards average about 1-2% of the purchase amount and are payable once qualifying orders have been processed and filled.

Prohibited Purchases: While buyers may purchase a wide variety of goods from around the world through the company’s “1-2-3 click dropshipping” service, CoinLinked reserves the right to reject any order that is not legal or that involves drugs or alcohol or products that have been illegally manufactured, reproduced, or replicated. Ineligible products include those available only by prescription, which are strictly prohibited.


1. Log In: Use our CoinLinked iOS or Android App, or visit us on the Web and log in to your FREE CoinLinked profile.

2. Get a Quote: Click “Crypto Quote to Buy An Item.”

3. Make Your Purchase: Fill in the item you’d like to purchase, and indicate which cryptocurrency you plan to use.

CoinLinked will take care of the rest. Once the company receives the order, a representative will contact the user promptly to begin processing the transaction.

Says Ta, “We view the current hardships faced by so many as our chance to make a difference by serving as an intermediary for individuals and families who need to reserve their cash during the holiday shopping season, while also helping to move the digital currency industry forward.” In her view, the two goals are complementary. “One might call them two sides of the same Bitcoin,” she adds with a smile.

About CoinLinked

CoinLinked is a first-of-its-kind social commerce platform powered by a decentralized Blockchain solution that connects the traditional marketplaces of today with the digital currencies of tomorrow. This powerful platform provides a brand-new concept in crypto-commerce by allowing users to purchase any product worldwide using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, or stablecoins such as USDC. CoinLinked makes cryptocurrency transactions easy and accessible while also incorporating a social networking aspect. Users are also given an entertaining way to earn passive income by building their social “net worth” with and for cryptocurrency. Dually centralized and decentralized, this platform provides the security and flexibility that no other social platform offers and requires no merchant integration, so users can complete purchases within a matter of minutes. Company founder, Wall Street veteran and social networking entrepreneur Jenny Q. Ta, is using her Wall Street expertise to make her crypto-friendly social platform sustainable, while helping to resolve the problems that currently exist worldwide in efficiently using crypto for e-commerce purchases. Learn more about CoinLinked here:

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