OMPLIX Launches New Trading Platform, Offers Competitive Rates on Tens of Tokens

The online trading brand OMPLIX is glad to announce that via its new trading platform, cryptocurrency traders can now have access to tens of different tokens, all with highly competitive rates. The OMPLIX trading offer ensures that any individual can now trade on the best market rates on tens of different tokens, thanks to the versatile selection that the OMPLIX brand carefully designed.

The OMPLIX offer comes at a time when cryptocurrency trading reached an all-time peak, and the demand for versatile crypto offer increasing with any day given.

OMPLIX redefines crypto trading

Taking this into consideration, OMPLIX is proud to be a proprietary platform, which will be the main gateway towards the cryptocurrency market and will offer access to a unique selection of cryptocurrency instruments. Thanks to the offer designed by OMPLIX, traders are able to get involved in some of the most liquid cryptocurrency pairs, denominated in the popular stablecoin Tether, and also Bitcoin or Ether pairs.

OMPLIX took into consideration the poor coverage of crypto tokens and designed a very rich selection for its customers, registered customers already came to acknowledge that things are completely different with OMPLIX, as they can now enjoy access to tens of different cryptocurrency assets, ranging from large-cap tokens like Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, or XRP, to altcoins like Ethereum Classic, IOTA, Tron, Neo, and Tezos.

Based on the 2020 market performance, trading opportunities might arise not just from the commonly popular cryptocurrencies, but sometimes the small altcoins can outperform big names by a large margin. With the selection of cryptocurrencies available at OMPLIX, traders have the unique opportunity to gain a diversified exposure on the market and get a hold at the impressive performances of many altcoins.

As new and innovative cryptocurrency projects arise, OMPLIX is fully committed to constantly upgrade its trading offer, to stay in line with the latest crypto market trends. The brand’s current cryptocurrency coverage is solid proof of OMPLIX delicate attention towards tailoring the most up to date and combative crypto trading offer.

Cryptocurrency trading is a challenging activity, but with the features and tools available with OMPLIX, traders may find that they have finally reached their promised land for crypto trading.


OMPLIX is a financial services provider focused on cryptocurrency instruments only, the brand serves online traders from all around the world. With a solid background in providing access to high-quality trading services, OMPLIX aims to be the ultimate solution for those who are interested in cryptocurrencies trading, one of the fastest-growing industries.

Traders working with OMPLIX will have access to innovative trading software, backed by months of research and development, which integrates multiple features like advanced charting powered by TradingView, CNBC news, the ability to make deposits from the platform, and many others.

OMPLIX has chosen to show great commitment towards raising the trading standard for the crypto industry, which is still in its early stages, and still have many unrealized potentials. Via the OMPLIX trading offer, competitive conditions are ensured and with customer support available 24/6, customers will be able to reach an OMPLIX representative for any question, or issue.

With so many different benefits available, OMPLIX aims to be the ultimate choice for traders that came to awareness of the massive potential of cryptocurrency assets and digitalization in the financial industry.


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