World’s First KIM Blockchain Jewelry Flagship Store Opens in Chengdu, China

CHENGDU, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / July 22, 2020 / With the epidemic situation improving in China in July, people have gradually started to flock major brand stores in Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li in Chengdu, the commercial heart of southwest China. Scenes of economic vitality and the booming consumer market are clearly visible in the downtown area. The vibrant Silver Square shopping mall that lies directly above the Chunxi Road Metro station exit, adjacent to IFS, is now home to the KIM Jewelry brand, an innovative technology-based diamond brand jointly established by a European financial technology company and a time-honored Austrian diamond vendor.

KIM Jewelry provides comprehensive jewelry services, from loose diamond selection to GIA certification and bespoke design. Each diamond features a blockchain global certification smart contract certificate. Just login to the KIM blockchain to check the origin and history of the diamond. If you customize a larger than 1 carat diamond ring at KIM Jewelry for your loved one or even yourself, you can inscribe an eternal declaration of love or the story behind this unique gift in KIM’s global blockchain smart contract certificate. Even a hundred years later, when your descendants open the KIM smart contract, they can feel your love and the story passed down across generations.

Diamond jewelry have always been a popular investment among high-net-worth individuals in Asia. As the only wearable hedging asset, all KIM custom jewelry come from our exclusive loose diamond mining partners. Using KIM’s service system, you can select your favorite gems online, and our designers will create highly exclusive jewelry for you.

Blockchain is set to be the next generation mainstream technology in the new smart era. From the advent of Bitcoin in 2008 to the trial operation of China’s DCEP digital currency in 2020, this high-end enigmatic technology is gradually seeing more commercial applications. Combining the 7000-year-old jewelry industry and blockchain financial technology, KIM’s flagship store will bring dynamic and unique diamond jewelry services to jewelry lovers.

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