Will Litecoin (LTC) Not Leave the First Lines of Cryptocurrency Rating?

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt clouded Litecoin ever since Charlie Lee sold his LTC holdings in the past.  The ideology of Litecoin being the brother to Bitcoin and Litecoin being the Digital Silver concepts continue to be in the propaganda.

There was not much happening in Litecoin and some of them stated that they did not have developers and that there is very little or nothing happening at Litecoin Foundation.

The Trump Card with Litecoin to get back to glory is the Mimble Wimble project.  Despite all the doubts some analysts have to state that Litecoin will not lose its relevance over the next 4 to 5 years.  They have also stated that the value might grow from 60 to 70 dollars to 300 to 400 dollars.

Changelly states that Litecoin is still a good investment. And they have their own prediction for 2020, 2025, and 2030.  The logic and the parameters they have used for their projections are kind of not clear.

Changelly have lot of details about Litecoin, they keep track of the live price, they give the latest news like Litecoin developers announcing the launch of the testnet with the MimbleWimble solution. The Litecoin Price History and Analysis since 2013. Litecoin price analysis for 2018, 2019, and the Litecoin Technical analysis to projections running for as late as 2020, 2025, 2030.

They seem to rely on leading prediction sources like WalletInvestor source, Longforecast, DigitalCoinPrice, TradingBeasts, and CoinPriceForecast.

Wondering, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted: “Charlie Lee of Litecoin (LTC) was right when he said price predictions are stupid no one knows.  Just Wishful thinking.”

The exact numbers are indeed controversial and also the reported fact that “The coin definitely will not lose its popularity and will not leave the first lines of the cryptocurrency rating.”

We need to wait to see if there are going to be some decent improvements and attractive happenings from the LTC developer community. A competitive use case and more.

Litecoin (LTC) Naysaying is Easy

Litecoin Foundation recently tweeted:  “Everybody has felt the #Crypto roller coaster ride these past few years. Now, own it yourself and watch #LTC move with the price. Visit the #Litecoin Foundation shop & order yours today! All purchases help the Foundation with furthering LTC adoption.

It is very visible that Litecoin Foundation are pushing for LTC adoption. May be naysaying is easy and the LTC developers are working hard at something that is going to bring real value to the rest of the users.