Important Ripple Move from Giant Japanese Bank

RippleNet, a blockchain-based payment network with more than 300 corporate members, manages to continuously reach new members and increase the number of members. Ehime Bank, the 77-year-old giant Japanese bank, was the most up-to-date institution joining RippleNet.

Ehime Bank and Ripple Partnership
It is stated that Ehime Bank, which has been announced to use Ripple supported MoneyTap, will offer an instant, free and trouble-free money sending service to its customers. MoneyTap’s Ripple-based remittance solution enables money transfers without any hesitation 24/7.

According to a press release published by MoneyTap, the application was made by the bank much earlier, but the application was accepted as of April 13. MoneyTap application can be used directly from smart phones and enables interaction with many banks.

As of the writing of this article, MoneyTap is the first mobile application in Japan that allows users to make instant transfers between their bank accounts. It is stated that this application developed by Ripple partner SBI Holdings can make a serious contribution to Ripple in the long term.