Algorand App on blockchain against Coronavirus

Towards battling novel coronavirus, Algorand Foundation, a blockchain firm based in Singapore, has created an application dubbed IReport-Covid. With the new app, Algorand aims to use blockchain against coronavirus for free and constant access by users who intends to report any infectious case.

Coronavirus, no doubt, has taken several tolls on the world, leaving a lot of people sick and killing scores. The virus originating from Wuhan, China, has infected as much as 600,000 across the globe leaving around 30,000 dead with Italy recording the highest death rate.

Apart from Algorand’s IReport-Covid app that uses blockchain against coronavirus, many other firms, businesses, startups, etc. have been rolling out several initiatives to combat the global pandemic. Algorand’s blockchain against coronavirus app works such that it allows patients that have shown symptoms and those that haven’t shown symptoms report information about the virus they want to directly after filling a survey.

According to a statement on Algorand’s website, they explained that with the app, people will learn about how coronavirus is affecting people which will help keep the public informed and aid studies about the virus now and afterward. Information on the app, according to the statement, can’t be edited or deleted and automatically are posted publicly on the Alogrand blockchain.

Blockchain against coronavirus: using IReport-Covid to fight the virus

Dr. Tal Rabin who was in charge of the research team while developing the IReport-Covid app said that the app is capable of providing invaluable data that could aid other individuals in fighting the virus. Rabin also believes that the blockchain against coronavirus app would be of benefit when sourcing information for other viruses in the future.

She said that the Algorand Foundation app relies on blockchain tech to get users with fast, transparent, and permanent platform to share information. The app, according to her, could be used too to deliver data as coronavirus ravages now aid future research on epidemics.

According to Rabin, sharing, and getting accurate information about coronavirus will be pivotal in defeating the COVID-19 virus.